Hibiscus II


Hibiscus II, a metal sculpture with a multi colored component. 

Artist:  Elizabeth Indianos

Title:  "Hibiscus II"

Medium:  Sculpture - Metal

Size:  6' x 6' x 54"

Year Installed:  2004

Venue:  Lauderhill Town Centre Branch Library


Upon entering the lobby of the library, one encounters a shimmering brushed aluminum floral form, suspended twelve feet off the ground, welcoming patrons daily. The artist had chosen Hibiscus as a symbol embracing the dynamism of Nature found in South Florida landscape.


"Throughout meetings with City Officials, Librarians and Library participants it was very clear that the library constituents were culturally diverse, and that there was a priority and aim to have a look of the future as well as to instill in participants a feeling that was elevating and inspiring. It was stated as a consensus, that it was not desirable to address diversity of the cross cultural groups by singling them out and by making a point of the differences, but to rather unite the diversity, unify it and celebrate it with good design that was "non partisan".

The sites were to reflect today's world and hopes for the future. The libraries were to pull their communities together and to have a presence that would be sensitive to the things around it. It was also repeatedly stated that both the libraries of Sunset and Lauderhill had been impacted by budgets that were recently split, and that our team would need to find ways to creatively respond to this challenge.

As I repeatedly visited the Broward communities on separate occasions, it was with these thoughts in mind that I enjoyed, took in and became sensitive to the lush tropical landscape and climate that the diverse community collectively enjoys in its daily experience. It seemed very natural to embrace the dynamism in the landscape, and to elaborate upon a motif that is experienced and enjoyed every day. I thought that changing the size in which we usually enjoy the Hibiscus, enlarging it on a more monumental scale, would lend a celebrative exuberance and vitality to the space and at the same time serve as a unifying and dazzling reminder of the natural beauty inherent in the surrounding landscape. My first sculpture choice is the Hibiscus design. It will weigh between 75 to 150 pounds and will take approximately 3 to 6 months to create."



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