Metamorphosis by JoeSam

Artist:  JoeSam

Title:  "Metamorphosis"

Medium:  Sculpture -Metal

Size:  90" x 98" x 20"

Year Installed:  1993

Venue:  Deerfield Beach Percy White Branch Library



JoeSam, an African American artist, infused humor and warm greeting to the patrons of the library. This colorfully painted steel sculpture is installed on a platform/pedestal which is also served as a seating element at the exterior of the Library, by the front entrance. 


 Artist Statement

"I want to bring some fun, humor and warmth to the patrons of the Library. It symbolizes the evolution of the human spirit from past to future, something new being born. This is parallel to the purpose of the libraries: to create the new based on, and using, the knowledge accumulated by prior generations."