Passages, a stained glass window.

Artist:  Shelly Jurs

Title:  "Passages"

Medium:  Integrated Art - Leaded Glass Design

Size:  74" x 33" x 81"

Year Installed:  1996

Venue:  Broward County Main Library



A site-specific leaded glass portal design consisted of two side panels (each 74" high by 31" wide) and one ceiling panel (31" wide by 88" long), with reverse illumination, frames the entryway to the rare book collection in the Main Library, on the 6th floor.


Artist Statement

"The work is intentionally meant to interact with the wonderful movement of the undulating ceiling and the rich quality of the surrounding granite and slate, plus the deep green color accents surrounding the space. The ordered quality of the straight lines become counterpoints to the softer curvilinear lines, however geometric, breaking out of its own continuity to draw the viewer into the space and think about the contrast and conflict together with the apparent symmetry which at first seems apparently dominant."