Untitled I (Kinney)
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Geometric painting on wood.


Artist:  Ed Kinney

Title:  Untitled (Kinney)

Medium:  Painting - Acrylic On Wood

Size:  51" x 78" x 2"

Year Installed:  1980

Venue:  South Regional Courthouse 


Artist Ed Kinney based on the form of a cube to structure his optical composition, by dividing one side of warm hued cubes and the other side of cool hued cubes. Optically the later ones are used as a repousse to partially frame the warmer hue cubes, thus, creates a spatial delineation. Based on this simple optical illusion, the artist managed to create dimensionality on the flat surface. This painting is installed on the ground floor of the Courthouse.



Artist Statement

"I present a study of the cube, the most stable of all geometric forms, and building blocks of the universe. The canvas is structured on all sides, giving a third dimension, while the strong color harmony of the cubes presents an illusion of depth and direction."