Untitled II (Kinney)
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Geometric painting on wood.

Artist:  Ed Kinney

Title:  Untitled II (Kinney)

Medium:  Painting - Acrylic On Wood

Size:  36" x 90" x 2"

Year Installed:  1980

Venue:  South Regional Courthouse


As a companion piece to the other "Untitled" work in this collection by artist Ed Kinney, this painting shows a more complex structural composition. On a background of three interlocking groupings of cubes, extending horizontally from left to right in black, light blue and white, float another five smaller interlocking groupings of cubes, also extending horizontally in magenta, ultrumarine blue, cerubean blue, cobalt blue and black. Based on the optical principle of colors in "push and pull", depending on the color and its adjacent colors, an illusion of depth would emerge. This artwork is installed on the second floor of the Courthouse.


Artist Statement

"I present a study of the cube, the most stable of all geometric forms and building block of the universe. The canvas is structured on all sides, giving a third dimension, while the strong color harmony of the cubes presents an illusion of depth and direction."