Aquaria by larry kirkland
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Artist: Larry Kirkland

Title:  "Aquaria"

Medium: Metal and Light Emitting Diodes

Size:  North Skybridge 1’ D x 113’ L x 9’ W,
South Skybridge 1’ D x 86’ L x 9’ W

Year Installed:  2011

Venue:  Convention Center



The artwork, entitled Aquaria, on the ceilings of the two skybridges connecting the building and garage, transforms these utilitarian corridors into an unforgettable experience for Convention Center visitors. It evokes the memorable experience of being immersed in a constantly moving school of colorful tropical reef fish and reinforces the aquatic theme already established by the existing sailfish fountain visible through skybridge window. The artwork consists of countless stainless steel fish scales mounted within the curved ceiling coffers to reflect artificial and natural light, as well as an ever changing LED lighting display which illuminates them with a wide variety of beautiful color palettes.  


Artist Statement

Fort Lauderdale, built between the Atlantic Ocean and the Everglades, threaded with miles of canals and lagoons, is a water city. The iconic fountain in front of the Convention Center of a leaping sailfish celebrates the famed game fish of the region. Inside the Convention Center the carpet is a swirl of ocean fish and marine mammals. AQUARIA builds upon this theme in the two skybridges that are main entries to the Convention Center. The existing ceiling coffers have been covered with shimmering stainless steel fish scales illuminated by ever changing LED light displays suggesting the vast variety of colorful fish that inhabit area waters.


Artwork Images

Aquaria by Larry Kirkland Aquaria by Larry KirklandAquaria by Larry KirklandAquaria by Larry Kirkland

Aquaria by Larry KirklandAquaria by Larry KirklandAquaria by Larry Kirkland


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