Cruising School

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Cruising School by larry kirkland

Artist:  Larry Kirkland

Title:  "Cruising School"

Medium:  Mixed Media:   Aluminum, Enamel paint, Stainless Steel Cable,
Painted Steel Bracket, Acrylic Spheres and Rods

Size:   22' H x 36' W x 36'D

Year Installed:  2012

Venue:  Port Everglades, Terminal 18



Larry Kirkland created a suspended interior artwork entitled “Cruising School” for the two story atrium lobby at Terminal 18 that complements cruise activities and enhances the cruise experience for passengers in a positive way. A swirling school of iridescent fish and large rolling waves greet passengers arriving at the terminal’s entryway atrium. Once they clear security, passengers can also enjoy a closer view of the artwork from the second floor balcony. The artwork is comprised of hundreds of painted aluminum fish suspended from an oval bracket and acrylic rods representing the waves. Rotating on ambient air currents, the fish activate the space with changing reflections and cast shadows. The artwork design is also intended to function to improve security by deterring visitors in the terminal lobby from throwing objects up to passengers on the second floor who have already cleared security. 


 Artist Statement

"I was a water-baby.  Swimming at an early age led to competitive swimming as a youngster.  As an adult I have had the pleasure of swimming and snorkeling off North American Coasts, the South China Sea, Bali Sea, Sulu Sea, and throughout the Hawaiian Islands.  Being in the watery world, with the amazing colorful sea life, is transporting.  I forget all the problems on land and immerse myself in this world wonder.  The great aquariums throughout the world have spectacular displays of fish.  I was amazed at the “Open Seas” exhibit at the Monterey Aquarium, with the glittering schools of sardines like living silver ribbons one second and then into a frantic ball the next.  Once off the coast of Malaysia I quickly exited the water after spotting a magnificent but dangerous barracuda.

"A Cruise Ship vacation starts with packing your bags, often an airplane trip and hauling luggage to the ship terminal.  Once inside the doors of Terminal Eighteen of Port Everglades, I wanted the vacation to really begin.  Overhead is something unexpected.  The suspended sculpture CRUISING SCHOOL is a colorful imagining of the watery world.  The two species of fish in CRUISING SCHOOL are found in Florida waters: the King Mackerel and Pompano. Water jet cut aluminum, over sprayed with jewel toned enamel paint; create the subtle colors of the sculpture. The golden wave evokes sunset seas.

"Port Everglades and Broward County have commissioned many wonderful art works through the Broward County Cultural Division.  It is an honor to be included in this growing and important public collection that reflects so positively on the importance of the arts in our community."


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Cruising School by larry kirklandCruising School by larry kirkland


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