Loxahatchee River #14" -horizontal
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 Loxahatchee River #14 -Horizontal, black and white photo of swamp in the Everglades.

Artist:  Clyde Butcher

Title:  "Loxahatchee River #14" -horizontal

Medium:  Photograph - Black and White

Size:  33" x 53"

Year Installed:  1994

Location: Loxahatchee River State Park – 1991 

"I spent three years waiting for the right conditions for this photo. The day was overcast and windless, and my tripod and I were deep in the mud. Since this was a six-minute exposure, I had to stand very still--the slightest movement, even the movement of my toes in the mud, would cause the tripod to shift and blur the image." - Clyde Butcher

Venue:  Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport

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This black and white gelatin silver print is a variation of the same theme, Loxahatchee River. The incredible details of cypress trees with their exposed gnarled roots above the blackish water are captured with a large format camera - the artist favorite tool for his art. This print from a numbered edition of 7/100 is housed at the Aviation Administration Offices, and viewing is by appointment only.

Artist Statment

"Wilderness to me is a spiritual necessity. When my son was killed by a drunk driver, it was to the wilderness that I fled in hope of regaining my serenity and equilibrium. The mysterious spiritual experience of being close to nature helped to restore my soul. It was during that time, I discovered the intimate beauty of Florida. My experience reinforced my sense of dedication to use my art form of photography as an inspiration for others to work together to save places of spiritual sanctuary for future generations."