Luminus Spiritus


Luminus Spiritus by Tin Ly

Artist:  Tin Ly

Title:  "Luminus Spiritus"

Medium:  Painting - Acrylic

Size:  58" x 180"

Year Installed:  1984

Venue:  Broward County Main Library



Artist Tin Ly poured acrylic paint of different hues freely on unprimed canvas to conjure up an unplanned improvised composition. He then organized the resulting forms and suggestive shapes and lines to a cohesive whole with brushes on paint. After extensive reworking, the painting achieved a pictorially balanced composition with suggestive biomorphic forms submerging in an ambiance of mysterious light. This diptych painting is installed on the 6th floor of the Main Library.


Artist Statement

"I consider the act of painting a form of spiritual exercise. I practice daily to attain 'enlightenment'. I feel its presence only when the painting achieves an equilibrium of shades, forms, ideas, thoughts and probabilities. Mind and visual images become one."


Artwork Image

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Luminus Spiritus by Tin Ly