Artist: Mark Moormann

Title:  "Momentum"

Medium:  Video

Length:  8 minutes, 57 seconds

Year Installed:  2007

Venue:Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport


Artist Statement

"Much of South Florida history is buried in sand, both literally and figuratively. In this video artwork, I attempted to present a visual narrative that unearths this unique history by crafting connections between past and present-day Broward County. By visually comparing and contrasting many of our neighborhoods and historic landmarks, I set out to produce a video presentation that entertains and enlightens, providing viewers a broader perspective on our area's unique natural and human histories. Using 'match frame' techniques and various transitional devices, the installation depicts the passage of time by morphing between historic still photographs and modern digital video. Supporting images of the various locations are inter-cut before and after the time transitions, showcasing Broward County's unique natural and man-made environments."