Neighborhood Bar and Grid
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John Hawver

Neighborhood Bar and Grid

Painting - Oil

36in X 56in X 2in


Medical Examiner & Trauma Services


Divided perfectly in half, the sky and the water meet at the horizontal border of land. The air is luminous and the water is calm. As one is wading across the shallow, one feels the rippling current against one's feet. This inviting oil painting on canvas lures the viewer to step into Nature and take solace. Framed in illusionally painted borders, this artwork is installed at the Medical Examiner Office.

Artist Statement 

"My subject is the quality of light; the time of day, the stillness of morning, the luminous color of a tropical evening or the foreboding power of a distant storm, the drama of being. I don't think of myself as a landscape painter painting just a place, but more as a colorfield painter painting an abstract surface with feeling or emotion. I believe that a painting is the act of painting itself; the brush strokes, the color, the actual painting surface, are the magic of the image. My work would not have evolved in the direction if not for the unique light and color of my South Florida environment, especially where the sky, land and water meet. I wake up with the sun when I am at the ocean and I am always in awe of the ever changing drama, and simplicity of design. I see these natural elements as abstract players in a constantly changing production. The clouds are the "performers", light is the "theme", and water is the "stage"."