New River Rises

Sam Gilliam  -New River Rises

Artist:  Sam Gilliam

Title:  9' x 21' 1'

Medium:  Sculpture - Wall relief

Year Installed:  1987

Venue:  Broward County Governmental Center



Sam Gilliam, an international acclaimed artist, combined acrylic on canvas with acrylic enamel on aluminum for this wall relief sculptural work. Articulated with architectural forms, the artwork suggests a convergence of geometric elements symbolizing the urban development along the New River. The wall sculpture is installed on a wall above a stairway leading to the second floor in the Governmental Center.


Artist Statement

"New River Rises is a matrix that combines several entities; elements of painting and sculpture are used to form a work that is thematic in intention and that uses abstract concepts"


Artwork Images

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 New River Rises by Sam Gilliam 

 New River Rises by Sam Gilliam 

New River Rises by Sam Gilliam

New River Rises by Sam Gilliam