Artist:  Raymond Olivero

Title:  "Metamorphosis"

Medium:  Integrated Art - Installation w/multiple components

Size:  86" x 140" x 3"

Year Installed:  2002

Venue:  Secret Woods Nature Center


Upon entering the front door to the exhibition hall of the Nature Center, one passes through a pair of glass fresco doors with colorful design of butterfly wing motif. The mosaic floor, measuring 1565 square feet, illustrates the butterfly flight pattern which leads the visitor to different parts of the exhibition in the hall. Metamorphosis represents the flight pattern of the butterfly which is featured prominently at the Secret Woods Nature Center. This site specific integrated artwork fuses Nature with Art and Design.

 Artist Statement

"I have taken the flight pattern of the butterfly as the basis for the pathway. I chose the butterfly not only for its unique flight pattern, but also because it is featured at the park, particularly at its entrance area. The first encounter a visitor has is with the butterfly aviary. I also chose the butterfly motif for the butterfly's innate variety and beauty as well as its metamorphosis, which makes it one of nature's mysteries and secrets. In short, the butterfly offers the greatest degree of aesthetic and metaphorical possibilities."


 Artwork Images

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artwork artwork artwork artwork

artwork artwork


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