Personal Mappings

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Artist:  Konstantia Kontaxis

Title:  "Personal Mappings"

Medium:  Video

Legnth:  8 minutes, 14 seconds

Year Installed:  2006

Venue:  Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport



This video is a fractured view of Broward County, as if seen through a kaleidoscope, broken down into four different locations. The locations are photographed by four different cameras running simultaneously in one day from sunrise to sunset, observing movement and interaction of people with the space. Time/chronology is the organizing principle behind the piece, but also patterns and rhythms of public activity.


Artist Statement

"Personal Mappings is a process of organizing physical space into a personalized system of visual coordinates in hopes of investigating the mechanism of memory by which a space transforms into a place. It was shot over the duration of a day at four distinct Broward County locations: "Accordant Zones" at the Broward Judicial Complex designed by artists Barbara Neijna and Ned Smyth; "Terra Fugit" at Miramar Regional Park designed by Mags Harries and Lajos Heder; the Fort Lauderdale Beach, and "Flying Saucer Grove" at BankAtlantic Center designed by Martha Schwartz. The goal of the video is to create a unique bank of images that can be structured in a memory of a place that one can associate with Broward County. In this sense, the video is not an objective Broward, but a certain interpretation of life in Broward, a pulse of Broward, a mapping of rhythms and patterns of life of a day in the County."