Pineapple, large multi-colored metal sculpture resembling a pineapple.


Mary Ann Unger


Sculpture - Painted Metal

16' x 6' x 6'


North Regional Courthouse



This large scale sculpture is a playful and decorative center-piece for the courthouse courtyard. The late New York artist Mary Ann Unger created the sculpture with cut-out sheets of painted aluminum. The subject of "Pineapple", a produce of the recent past from Deerfield Beach area, reinforced the site-specific nature of her design.


Artist Statment

"The sculpture represents a playful and decorative image of a pineapple. It is fortuitous that this fruit is also an important product of Broward County, but I choose the form because I liked it and it fit the space of the courthouse well, and will interact with the plants to be installed around the courtyard."