Rainbows Swimming

Artist: Mark Fuller

Title: Rainbows Swimming

Medium: Dichroic Coated Acrylic

Size: Each individual fish measures 30” length x18” height x 6” depth

Year Installed: 2013

Venue: Port Everglades Terminal 19 (Ticketing Area, Elevator Lobby, and Vip Waiting Room) 

Artist Statement

My design intent for Rainbows Swimming was to express a Caribbean cruise travel experience in the context of colorful tropical marine life.

I chose to create large schools of fish traveling in the same direction as the metaphor for cruise ship passengers headed to a common destination.  By constructing the fish from dichroic coated material I make a visual correlation to the hyper-saturated colors synonymous to both Caribbean and tropical marine life.

These colorful schools of fish are strategically located within the terminal to subliminally direct the embarking passengers to their waiting ship.

Project Description

The artwork Rainbows Swimming consists of schools of suspended fish mobiles located in the Ticketing area and elevator lobby as well as the VIP Waiting Room.  The mobiles assist with wayfinding and serve to enhance the cruise passenger experience by evoking a sense of place that is warm, tropical and light-hearted.  Constructed of dichroic-coated acrylic and hung on ceiling mounted tracks, the individual fish appear to change color as the viewer’s position changes relative to the artwork.  Additional visual excitement is contributed by multi-colored shadows that the fish cast on the surrounding walls.  The high tech engineering displayed by the magic of the school of prism-like dichroic fish is educational and will engage the young customers who patronize Carnival’s Princess brand that primarily uses this terminal.