Play Airplane

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Gart Shlifer

"Play Airplane"


7 minutes, 35 seconds


Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport



Play Airplane, by Gary Shlifer, is the first in a series of experimental expressions of flight. The installation is primarily a moving image presentation of people enacting the fantasy of being an airplane under water. In this, the film hopes to evoke feelings of joy, happiness, freedom, and wonder, all things that may be associated with what it is like to be in an airplane; but now with the additional accompaniments of bubbles, shafts of light, water currents, and swim wear.


Artist Statement

"We’ve all pretended to be some kind of flying machine or felt as if we were flying or could fly. A ride on a roller coaster. In a car on a long stretch of road with all the windows down. A sky dive. Hang gliding. Standing at the front of a moving subway train as it snakes it’s way through the tunnels. Scuba diving. Reading a story…. What if you could fly like Superman?

Play Airplane, is the first of a series of experimental freeform expressions of flight. People who were asked to envision themselves flying as some kind of winded craft, using the weightlessness of a underwater environment. I captured their performances, with camera, lighting, editing and effect techniques to create what you see before you."