Skylands, Skylands Dusk
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Skylands, Skylands Dusk, oil painting in shades of yellow.Skylands, Skylands Dusk, an oil painting in shades of pink.

Artist:  Janet Rogers

Title:  "Skylands, Skylands Dusk"

Medium:  Painting - Oil Encaustic On Paper

Size;  22" x 30" each

Year Installed:  1999

Venue:  Medical Examiner & Trauma Services



This pair of oil encaustic on paper exemplifies Janet Rogers' mastery of the medium. The translucent layers of paint reveal a shimmering effect of atmospheric lighting in the sky. The artworks are installed at the Medical Examiner office.


 Artist Statement

"The medium of oil encaustic and the expressionistic brush strokes layer the colors from a limited palette. This technique gives the painting a luminous quality. As the viewer changes positions or the light of a room changes, so does the painting. In this sense, the work is alive; it participates in their environment."