Recycled Stacks I


Recycled Stacks I a mixed media paper construction.


Artist:  Anjal Solar

Title:  "Recycled Stacks I"

Medium:  Mixed-Medium - Paper Construction

Size:  36" x 48" x 7"

Year Installed:  1983

Venue:  Broward County Main Library




Five starkly white cylindrical forms, each with a frontal opening revealing encased contents, are lined vertically on a background of handmade dark colored papers. Artist Anjal Solar used recycled paper processed in her sculpture-making to create a powerful formalistic statement in repeating the cylindrical forms. This artwork is installed on the 5th floor of the Main Library.


Artist Statement

"Solar's interpretations are a combination of the processes of recycling and outer space involvements. The forms are repetitive but the manner in which they evolve results in a slow but dramatic time change."