Artists:  Rosario Marquardt and Roberto Behar

Title:  "Streamers"

Medium:  Bus Wrap

Size:  9' x 10' x 40'

Year Installed:  2005

*Previous Location:  Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport -Rental Car Facility

 *Please Note:  Bus wraps are temporary artworks and only on view for a specific amount of time.  "Streamers" bus wrap is no longer on view, Click here to see current bus wrap.



As a temporary art project (10 months) to provide visibility to the newly opened Rental Car Facility, this Bus Art Wrap with its colorful vertical strips design is served to identify and unify a fleet of 27 buses from different car rental companies now located at and operated from the Rental Car Facility, into a single unit to transport passengers between the Rental Car Facility and the Airport.


Artist Statment

"Streamers takes a bold approach to the project. The variety and intensity of color is intended to convey the bright and exciting possibilities available on your visit. In addition to the festive atmosphere, we want to communicate that there is something for everyone in Broward."


Artwork Images

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Streamers, bus wrap of multicolored bands and plane silhouettes.


Commemorative Poster:  Poster of "Streamers"  (PDF)                 

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