Sunrise to Sunset

Medium: Art Glass
Artist: Gordon Huether
Year: 2017
Location: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Terminal 1

In creating SUNRISE TO SUNSET, Huether’s artistic process started with an investigation of the

place, the space and people of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County. His design was inspired by

the light and colors of the Florida sun and the Atlantic Ocean. He wanted to visualize the light

that is made of millions of photons that enter our eyes and are interpreted by the brain as color.

Huether reimagined these photons as individual squares of light, broken apart and becoming more

distinct as they grow more distant from the center. Squares of blue glass evoke an image of the

ocean at dawn. 700 squares of dichroic glass, distributed over 78 individual insulated glass units

are representative of the Sun.


Since founding Gordon Huether Studio in Napa, California in 1987, Huether has worked

extensively with glass on a large scale and has also created works incorporating salvaged materials,


bronze, aluminum, steel, light, water and neon. All work is fabricated at Gordon Huether Studio.


 Photographs: Christina Roldan