Femina Luma

Femina Luma, an acrylic painting that includes a beetle and a flower. 

James Swarthout

"Femina Luma"

Painting - Acrylic

46" x 50"


Broward County Main Library


This acrylic painting on canvas is installed on the fourth floor of the Main Library. The split imagery of the hibiscus intercepting with the water rippling surface and lady bug, portrays the artist's backyard living environment- his perception of the world around him.

Artist Statement 

"I don't know what makes me an artist, any different from other people. I can only guess that it is my unique perception of the world around me. The everyday things, I find, take on a new meaning and become my subject matter. This painting, "Femina Luma," is a fine example of that. The light reflecting on the ripples in my neighbor's pool, the warm petals of a flower in my yard and the shadow of a lady bug on my back porch form a single vision that I transferred to canvas."

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