"The Locals" Painting
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Artist: Tom De Vita

Title:  "The Locals"

 Year Installed:  2013

Lee Wagner Art Gallery 

Artist Statement

This exhibition, titled “The Locals”, is inspired by the wonderful and eclectic characters that I have met since moving to South Florida. It is an exploration into the personalities and the symbols that define these people. It reveals a truth that lies beyond the visible surface of the person’s image and resembles them in a more poetic way. My work is about finding a harmony in dissonance. I want to force multiple "reads" of images and figures, while exploring the deconstruction of their meanings. It is my pursuit to create paintings that appear disjointed, while developing overlays of images in a pastiche of my own personal semiotics. I want to embrace the "sea of visual noise", that is so inherent to our contemporary way of seeing, while preserving my conviction towards painting in the grand tradition of figuration.