Tree Rain

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Artists:  Suzanne Scherer & Pavel Ouporov
-Click here to see their SFCC award winning artwork

Title:  "Tree Rain"

Medium:  Video

Time:  7 minutes, 51 seconds

Year Installed:  2008

Venue:  Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport -Lee Wagener Gallery



A black and white video projected on a large screen, inspired by Russian Symbolist poet and theorist, Andrei Bely. Images of words rolling down a rain soaked banyan tree with soft rain sound permeated the duration of the video viewing.



Artists Statement

"Our recent work investigates elusive relationships between Nature and Language. Using examples from Russian art history and literature, we combine text and images to create symbolic references. The banyan, an ancient symbol of fertility and sacred in Asia, is a recurring motif in our work suggesting the duality of creation and destruction, danger, beauty and fear. "Tree Rain", 2006-7, is a 7:52 minute DVD on a loop inspired by Russian Symbolist poet and theorist Andrei Bely's 1922 Glossolalia: Poem about Sound. Like Bely's sound-poem, Tree-Rain refers to the interconnection of language, sound and the senses. Latin and Cyrillic letters rain down in multiple transparent layers, forming words in English: mama, home, womb; German: mutter (mother); Russian: dom (home); Hebrew: jom (day); and in other modern and ancient languages."