Untitled (Nettleship)
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Integrated street decoration of bricks in median.

Will Nettleship

Untitled (Nettleship)

Integrated Art - Streetscape

3cm x 80cm x 80cm


Atlantic Boulevard/Federal Highway



Artistic enhancements for four median strips based on maritime and agricultural history of the city of Pompano Beach are represented by two different patterned images drawn from the local coral reefs (fan, gorgonian, pillar and brain coral) and flowers of Pompano's key crops (snap bean, bell pepper, eggplant and tomato). These images are repeated on the stamped colored concrete sidewalks throughout the entire streetscape.


Artist Statement

"The images in the stamps have been developed through consultation with people I have interviewed in Pompano Beach and reflect the twin strands I see in Pompano: on the one hand the city's agricultureal past growing winter vegetables, on the other hand its future as a tourist destination keyed to the ocean beach. Four of the stamps are images, greatly magnified of appropriate agricultural flowers: the snap bean, the eggplant, the bell pepper and the tomato. The other four stamps show details of four types of corals found off Pompano Beach: Fan, Gorgonian, Pillar and Brain (note that Pompano Beach is the northern-most place where coral reefs are found in the US)."


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 Integrated street decoration of bricks in median.Integrated street decoration of bricks in median.