Emily White: 'Wavelength'VideoFrame-Emily.jpg
A video by Tabatha Mudra

Laser Cut Aluminum
Artist: Emily White
Year: 2017
Location: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Terminal 1

The site-specific, suspended artwork, WAVELENGTH was inspired by the way light transforms intocolor when it refracts through water. In researching the project, Emily White looked at the processes of painters JMW Turner and Richard Diebenkorn, each of whom made an analysis of particular behaviors of light on water specific to the locations in which they were working.

Residing in Los Angeles and having grown up on the East Coast, the artist is fascinated by the qualitative differences in color in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The artist wanted the sculpture WAVELENGTH to convey the specific feeling of Fort Lauderdale’s water through an expression of shape and color. She approached the project through both a scientific and an aesthetic lens, researching how ocean color is perceived by the human eye, the factors that influence the science of color, and also looking at painterly techniques. 

Wavelength by Emily White, 2017
Photographs: Patrick Heagney ​