"Wavescape" by Paul Demarinis, image of the area where the sound art is located


Artist:  Paul Demarinis

Title:  "Wavescape"

Medium:  Digital - Sound

Year Installed:  2003

Venue:  Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport



As travelers move across a 75 foot span pedestrian bridge connecting the Hibiscus parking garage to Terminal 1, their movements trigger electronic sensors in each direction.  This activates sound systems that deliver predetermined and prerecorded sound. Composed of four distinctive "sound scenes".  Once triggered, the pedestrian bridge is bathed in the sounds of water, day-time animal habitat (birds, alligators), night-time animal habitat (crickets, frogs) and urban sounds.


Artist Statement

"Wavescape is a 20-channel digital audio installation created for the passenger bridge at the Fort Lauderdale Int'l Airport. It combines over 500 individual audio samples recorded in the vicinity of Ft. Lauderdale. These sounds represent the natural, human and man-made environments.  There are four individual sound-scenes that alternate in appearance over time: 1- The sound of water, waves and seaside 2- Daytime nature sounds, including the sounds of many species such as birds and alligators 3- Night time nature comprised of the sounds of crickets and frogs 4- The Urban soundscape."