West Ken Lark Park

“The following artwork was initially created or renovated by Broward County for the designated facility in which it is housed; however through an inter-local agreement, it is no longer a part of Broward County’s Public Art and Design Program. This artwork now belongs to the city in which it is located.”

West Ken Lark Park, mural of the community.

Vernon Payne

"West Ken Lark Park"

Mural - Acrylic

89" x 126"


West Ken Lark Park



 Artist Vernon Payne depicted the community of West Ken Lark Park in vignettes of diverse activities along with portraits of the community leaders. This painted mural is housed in a very well utilized community hall in the Park.


Artist Statement

"A conglomeration of neighborhood scenes as provided by the Cultural Affairs Council and interpreted by the artist."


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West Ken Lark Park, detail of mural.West Ken Lark Park, detail of mural.