Working for Us

Working for Us, mural of county workers.

 Stephen Farley

"Working for Us"

Integrated Art - Installation with multiple components

150' x 37'


Government Center West


Inside of a vast atrium/reception area of the Governmental Center West, artist Stephen Farley has installed two large scale ceramic tile murals diagonally opposite each other. The mural depicts workers from different County agencies/departments in fragmented details of diverse activities. The fragmented imageries are unified harmoniously into a pictorial whole.


Artist Statement 

"Personally, I believe that one of our strongest challenges today as a nation is to restore our trust in government. If we are to remain a vital democracy, we must come to a renewed understanding that government exists for our benefit in order to achieve community goals greater than those which we can accomplish as individuals.

At all levels of government, it is the dedicated and hardworking employees who make things work. Too often, the public does not see the folks behind the scenes providing the services we have come to expect. I believe that we should use every opportunity to celebrate government employees and highlight the vital and often surprising ways in which they make our lives better.

Just as the work of each Broward County employee builds on the work of other employees, the composition of this artwork flows across individual panels and creates a harmonious whole-- a sum that is even greater than its parts for the greater good of all.

This project, in the public spaces of a public building, is the perfect opportunity to surprise and delight people as we celebrate government employees and educate the public about the extent of services provided by Broward County."