Mixed Medium -Paper Construction
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Offering by McCauley

Artwork constructed out of paper.  Papermaking is the process of making paper, a substance which is used ubiquitously today for writing and packaging.  In papermaking a dilute suspension of fibers in water is drained through a screen, so that a mat of randomly interwoven fibers is laid down. Water is removed from this mat of fibers by pressing and drying to make paper. Most paper is made from wood pulp, but other fiber sources such as cotton and textiles may be used.  (Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Papermaking)


Public Art & Design For This Medium

Title Artist
#35 Grid Aina Parmelee
Capes II, Capes IV, Capes V, Claire Satin
Construction Project #4 Rick Yasko
Gentle Descent Katherine McCauley
Kanji Unfolded II Claire Satin
Offering Katherine McCauley
Recycled Stacks I Anjal Solar
Untitled (Parmelee) Ania Parmelee