Long Key Natural Area (Town of Davie)
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Island Garden by Lorna Jordan
Location:  3501 SW 130 Avenue, Davie, FL  33330
Contact:  954-327-8797, LongKey@broward.org 

At 157 acres, this site is one of the largest of the natural areas currently managed by the Broward County Parks and Recreation Division. The Long Key Nature Center and Natural Area is located in the Town of Davie and found just west off of Flamingo Road between Griffin Road and I-595.

As recently as 100 years ago, this elevated oak hammock was part of a series of islands surrounded by Everglades marshes. Long Key encompasses some of the most significant archaeological, historical, and ecological resources within Broward County and has been labeled as "the best preserved archaeological record of 19th century Seminole life in Broward County."


Public Art and Design at this Location

Island Garden by Lorna Jordan
"Island Garden" by Lorna Jordan