Port Everglades
Port Everglades1850 Eller Drive
Fort Lauderdale FL, 33316

Originally known as Lake Mabel, Port Everglades was officially established as a deep water harbor in 1927 and has since grown to become one of South Florida's strongest economic engines with annual operating revenues of more than $66 million and total waterborne commerce exceeding 23 million tons in liquid, bulk and containerized cargoes.

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Public Art and Design At This Location

"Capes II", "Capes IV", "Capes V"


"Coral Glow Persian Sconce Wall"

"Corresponding Vibrations"

"Cruising School"

"Dancing Ocean"


"Everglades Scene"

"Fata Morgana"

"Forces of Nature" (terrazzo installation)

"Forces of Nature" (video)

"Les Fleurs du Mal"

"Light #5"

"Native Playground 87, #3", "Native Playground 87, #7", "Native Playground 87, #33",

"Ocean's Footprint"


"Passage Suite # 7", "Passage Suite # 9"

"Port Scene"

"Rainbow Swimming"

"Red Rain"


"Songs of the Everglades"

"Starfish Shuffle"

"The Gardeners"

"Untitled (Campau)"

"Welcome to Port Everglades"