Starfish Shuffle


Artist:  Xavier Cortada

Title:  "Starfish Shuffle"

Medium:  Hand painted/hand carved ceramic tile mural 

Size:  48" Height X 96" Width X 4" Depth

Year Installed:  2013

Venue:  Port Everglades, Terminal 19




Starfish Shuffle, a series of eight wall-mounted ceramic murals, creates an awareness  of the vibrant marine life that abounds in the natural environment just offshore from Broward County's blue wave beaches and across the Caribbean basin.  The ceramic mural series accompanies passengers as they go through the processing sequence from security towards ticketing and through the terminal to the ship.


Artist Statement


"As soon as they arrive in the Terminal, passengers will see the murals of starfish as they journey from the shoreline, through the sea grass, across a sandbar and into the currents.  I positioned the works in that order because I want the passengers to immerse themselves in what awaits them as they cruise across the water and from port to port.  In a sense, the passengers are following the starfish that will take them on their journey from land to sea."


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