Artist in Residence

Artist:  Dawn Roe

Title:  Artist in Residence

Medium:  Video |  Digital Photography

Year: 2013

Venue:  Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport


This unique artist-in-residence project will result in the production of a suite of artworks related to the development and construction of the south runway and Terminal 4 expansion at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.  A series of visits to the site over the next two years will allow the artist to be witness to the gradual and dramatic changes occurring throughout this process.  The artworks produced will take the form of still photographs and digital video, and will ultimately be housed within the terminals of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

The parameters of this project offer great opportunity to engage not only with local residents of Broward County through public lectures, but also the thousands of visitors that descend upon the region daily within the airport.  Recent trends in contemporary art have witnessed artists taking their work outside of the studio and directly into the exhibition space, or general public realm.  During two residency periods, the artist will set up a public studio within the airport in which passersby will be allowed to engage in conversation about the project and view works in progress. 

Because the work will be produced in direct response to the site, the imagery of the final artworks is not yet determined.  The photographs and video produced will likely combine aerial and ground imagery including indigenous fauna and surrounding wetlands in relation to the perimeter of the site, as well as video footage of the sites from both personal capture and live-feeds.






Visit Dawn Roe blog for updates on the Fort Lauderdale/ Hollywood Airport
Between the Already and the Still More


My artwork is uniformly subtle with a general sense of quietude.  Much of my imagery describes soil and plant life, as well as water or other ethereal materials such as atmospheric mist or haze.  A recurring formal element in all of my work is the use of natural light as a means of evoking or enhancing mood.  Having recently relocated to Florida from the Midwest, I remain captivated by the juxtaposition between the early morning and mid-day sun.  The varying effects this has on both interior and exterior spaces will serve as both a formal and conceptual anchor to this project as a whole.

Influenced by phenomenological perspectives, I create multi-panel photographs and video works that ask the viewer to repeatedly consider their perceptive response to ambiguous or indefinable spaces by presenting similar or identical imagery in sequence or series.  I use the camera to investigate issues of temporality, memory and history with a focus on optical experience. I am interested in spaces that shift or change either through environmental or seasonal occurrences, or manmade transformation.  The opportunity to respond to the runway construction and terminal expansion in relation to the surrounding landscape and its varied history will provide a rich area of artistic investigation that corresponds directly to the scope of my practice.

Often working on location, my process is generally a combination of research and response.  The underlying narratives that run underneath and throughout particular locations influence my interaction with each space.  Intrigued by the associations that occur when we encounter sites or scenes that reference a common experience of place, I seek to draw out the poignancy of fleeting present moments in tangible, visual forms.  I am particularly interested in the ephemeral qualities that natural materials share with personal processes of recollection and recognition.  It is within the landscape that time moves most slowly, and distinctions between now and then become less clear.  Here, the enduring theme of time marks its presence most succinctly.  The rich histories within Broward County coupled with the metaphoric removal and redistribution of the land throughout the construction process are perfectly suited to the nature of my work.