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Design Team

Who was chosen for The Master Plan?

Lorna Jordan, Environmental Artist and Project Leader
Becca Hanson, Landscape Architecture/Planning/Facilitation
Steve Moddemeyer, Landscape Architecture/Planning/Facilitation
Wendy Brawer, Green Mapping PBS&J, Engineering/Permitting
Steve Badanes, Sustainable/Community Design
Steve Gatewood, Environment Science
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Lorna Jordan
Blurring the boundaries between sculpture, ecology, architecture, and theater, my artworks engage communities with place. They express a “systems aesthetic” and provide a dramatic play between form, process, and event. Pointing towards a sustainable future, many of my environments enhance watersheds and reveal the cycles and mysteries of water.

My art often uses the framework of the garden to reinterpret infrastructure as both process and place. Currently, our civic and industrial infrastructure tends to be coldly conceived while our natural infrastructure is degraded. By integrating process and art, I want to create public places where the distinctions between nature, art, and technology are blurred and our experience of life-sustaining systems is heightened.

My works as more than objects in space—they are ideas, places, and actions. They awaken the senses, tap into imaginations, connect people to systems, and create strong identities. Communities are engaged—not as spectators—but as participants.

Lorna Jordan is currently sponsored by the Seattle Arts Commission as an artist-in-residence with the Seattle Water Department, identifying possibilities for artist-generated projects. A former Seattle Arts Commissioner, Jordan served as the Vice-Chair of the commission and the Public Art Committee Chair. She was the 1998 recipient of the Northwest Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies in Italy, Rome Fellowship.

A frequent guest speaker and lecturer, Jordan participated in “Waterworks: a symposium on art and water” sponsored by the Cambridge Arts Council at Harvard University and Design Landscape Forum at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, where Waterworks Gardens was cited as a notable project.


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