Park Bond
About the Park Bond

trees and waterA certain amount of money set aside by the government, for the specific purpose of enhancing the parks in Broward County.
On May 23rd 2000, the Broward County Board of County Commissioners approved placing a $400 million bond referendum on the Nov, 7, 2000 ballot.
The voters approved the bond referendum by 74 percent.
The funds will be used to:

  • Preserve and reclaim approximately 1,425 acres of conservation land, green space and open space in Broward County.
  • Repair and enhance the County’s aging park system to provide safe places for
    children to play and parks for every-one’s enjoyment.
The Master Plan

The Master Plan will be the creation of an environmentally sensitive and aesthetically beautiful park system for Broward County.
IMPLEMENTATION BUDGET - up to $1,350,000
A selected team of environmental artists will create the  Master Plan  incorporating artwork and projects to inform Broward County citizens of the importance the environment plays in everyday life.
This progressive and innovative Public Art Project will assist in making Broward a leader in utilizing the best of both science and art.

The Design Team is entrusted to create and implement the Master Plan for this major environmental, public and social space project. This art project will aim to strike a balance between public access and protection of sensitive habitat and its impact upon the environment.

The Design Team

park trailA Design Team of environmental artists led by public artist Lorna Jordan were chosen to spearhead this Master Plan project.

Broward Cultural Division, in collaboration with Broward County Parks and Recreation Division, put out a Call To Artists.

A team of artists and other professionals were then selected to develop and implement a MASTER PLAN for public art projects for the 2000 Broward County Safe Parks and Land Preservation Bond Referendum.
The concept was simple - incorporating artworks and projects to educate Broward County citizens of the importance the environment plays in everyday life.

The Parks Bond Artist Selection Panel reviewed and selected a pool of individual artists for possible inclusion into the Master Plan.
This pool of individual artists will be retained for ongoing use during the design and implementation of the project.*

Artist-led Design Team
Lorna Jordan, Artist and Project lead
Becca Hanson, Landscape Architecture/Planning/Facilitation
Steve Badanes, Landscape Architecture/Planning/Facilitation
Wendy Brawer, Green Mapping
PBS&J, Engineering/Permitting
Steve Moddemeyer, Sustainable/Community Design
Steve Gatewood, Environmental Science
Full team biographies

* Note: The Public Art & Design Committee may change or restructure this selection and allocation process at any time, at its discretion.

The Concept

Experience • Planning & Design • Resources • Community Habitat Restoration • Education • Plan as Catalyst

A Theater of Regeneration towards an aesthetic of layers, loops, & lenses

Layers of meaning:  discovering the geological, hydrological, climatological and sociological strata that make up the experience of Broward County and expressing art-as-place through ecological infrastructure, living theater, and site-integrated sculpture/architecture
Loops of physical and process-based connections:  Linking parks, people and artworks through the experience of trails, boardwalks, greenways, waterways, and world-wide-web-ways, as well as social and ecological processes
Lenses of jewel-like artworks, performances, and activities: synthesizing and focusing attention upon diverse characteristics, experiences and meanings of Broward County's past, present, and future environments.
Community Outreach Meetings were the starting point for the Master Plan.

The Locations of the Project
  • boats along riverHistorical Commission Sites Reserve
    Projects as identified in conjunction with the Historical Commission.
  • Access and protection of purchased natural areas
    Collaboration with Department of Planning and Environmental protection (DPEP) scientists.
  • Greenways Reserve
    Artist overlay on greenways master plan with reserve for project implementation. Separation Walk or Markham Park Boardwalk/Tower from Everglades Levee are priority projects.
  • North Fork of New River Reserve
    Artist think tank and project related to the restoration of the river. Collaboration with the DPEP scientists.
  • Parks Master Plans
    Collaborative with Parks staff on park design, recommend large scale projects and provide a vision for projects by other artists. Projects include:
    Tradewinds North Park (Coconut Creek)
    Two New Regional Parks (Locations to be determined)
    Vista View Park (Davie)
  • Large Scale Works Reserve
    As a result of Parks Master Plans, implementation of large scale ideas.
  • Natural Area Enhancements (Coral Springs)
  • Flamingo Road Nature Center (SW Ranches)
  • Functional and Participatory Artworks on a Human Scale as opportunities are identified.
  • Temporary Art Projects
    Additionally defined project options
    Water Park Facilities
    Entranceway improvements
    Corporate Shelters
    Athletic Fields
  • There are 16 regional parks, 33 neighborhood parks, 12 natural area sites and additionally, certain greenways and waterways that may be available as a part of this project.
The Selection Process

water at sunsetFounded 10 1976,the Broward County public art program took a dramatic shift in 1995 when the allocation from county construction was changed to two (2) percent.  The program was renamed "Pubic Art and Design" to reflect a renewed dedication to enhancing architecture and urban spaces through the ideas and creations of visual artists.

The program is allocated two to three million dollars annually.  The money is distributed to art (70 percent), project support (15 percent) and long tem conservation (15 percent ).  Major projects occur at the courthouses, libraries, parks, greenways, airport, streetscapes, seaport and other county facilities.

Broward County Board of County Commissioners authorizes the funding for each public art project in an annual plan recommended by the Broward Cultural Council.  To ensure a high level of artistic excellence, the Broward County Board of County Commissioners entrust artistic selection to an advisory committee system.  The Public Art and Design Committee is composed of seven Broward County art and design professionals appointed by the Broward Cultural Council, including a council member who chairs the committee.  The Public Art and Design Committee has 10-15 artist selection panels which are composed of arts experts, community representatives and agency managers.