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Lauderhill Transit Center Art Project

Due: January 15, 2017

In partnership with Broward County Transit, the Broward Cultural Division’s Public Art & Design Program is seeking to commission one artist or artist team to design, fabricate and install site-specific artwork at the new Transit Center located in Lauderhill, Florida. The artwork shall enhance the new transit facility and help create a sense of place. The selected artist or artist team’s unique approach to the project is welcomed.

Agency: Transit Department

Broward County Transit’s (BCT) total active fleet is of 325 fixed routes buses and 83 community buses, traveling 14.6 million annual service miles. Broward County Transit’s (BCT) fixed route service makes 38.1 million passenger trips annually. In addition to taking riders to work, schools, shopping, libraries, parks, cultural and civic activities and other places of interest within Broward County, its buses provide links to Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties transit systems, destinations within these counties, and connections to our community’s multimodal transportation network. In keeping with its mission to provide clean, safe, reliable and efficient transit service to the community by being responsive to changing needs, BCT is creating a new Transit Center in Lauderhill.

The New Lauderhill Transit Center’s (LTC) unique architectural identity is reflected in its innovative, free standing tensile fabric canopy design, its exposed concrete masonry units with color accents and its photovoltaic panel canopy structure. Color changing LED lights are specified as featured up-lighting to highlight the canopy structure. The new structure has been designed to reflect the Caribbean heritage of the surrounding community and the concept for the canopy design was inspired by Caribbean carnival attire and by the notion of dance. The facility will also serve as a pedestrian connection between the street and the adjacent shopping mall and will house several amenities such as customer service windows and self-service ticketing kiosks, a drivers’ lounge area, administrative offices, and public restroom areas. The Lauderhill Transit Center is one of several centers that BCT is planning throughout the county.


Located in central Broward County, Lauderhill is a thriving city of more than 66,887 residents that encompasses 7.33 square miles and offers a vibrant mix of diverse cultures. Lauderhill provides an abundance of social, recreational and educational activities citywide, including several award-winning parks and recreational facilities. For more information about the demographics and economics of Lauderhill and the surrounding communities visit the Broward County website:

Artwork Scope

The Lauderhill Transit Center is located at the intersection of State Road 7 (US 441) and NW 12th Street in Lauderhill, Florida. The selected artist or artist’s team will design, fabricate and install site-specific artwork to be incorporated into the new transit structure. Artwork opportunities include, but are not limited to the following: artistic treatments of the exterior masonry walls, and/or artistic treatments of the floor areas at the boarding platforms and/or breezeways. The finalists will be provided with drawings of the Lauderhill Transit Center to see the full range of artistic opportunities in the building. The artwork may be wall mounted, incorporated into the exposed concrete masonry units or incorporated into the scored concrete and/or interlocking pavers. The artwork shall be in compliance with the Florida Building Code, all applicable

local codes and the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). It shall be highly durable and low maintenance. The artwork shall be lively and reflective of the culture and eclectic character of the surrounding community. The selected artist or artist team’s unique approach to the project is welcomed.

Project Considerations

Specific artwork scope of work and drawings of the new Lauderhill Transit Center will be provided to the finalists. The artist will be expected to work with the project team and develop artwork that will be designed and constructed within the project schedule. The artwork design elements shall be integrated into the new Transit Center construction documents, and the selected artist or artist’s team will be required to collaborate with Broward County Transit project managers during design and installation phases of the project.

Artist Services

Interaction with agency, engineers and general contractor may be required. Other activities include:

  • Design development of approved conceptual design. Provide design in digital format for insertion into the project’s construction drawings.
  • Fabrication, delivery and installation.
  • Community outreach.

Anticipated Art Project Schedule

Finalist Interviews and Conceptual Design Proposal Selection: Winter 2016.

Artwork Completion and Installation: Projected for 2018.

Art Project Budget

The total budget established for the Lauderhill Transit Center Project is not to exceed $155,000.00 The budget includes but is not limited to: limited attendance at meetings with agency, engineers, security regulators and general contractor, designs, presentation expenses, engineering, all necessary permits, fabrication, delivery, installation, community outreach activities, insurance, travel, artist’s contingency and all applicable taxes.

Artist Eligibility

This Call to Artists is open to all professional artists, twenty-one years of age or older; who have completed a minimum of five (5) public art projects with a budget of $25,000 or more and have demonstrated experience completing and coordinating exterior art installations with construction project managers, and related contractors, engineers and architects; and who have not had a commission in Broward County in the last 5 years. The finalists will be advised of the overall project schedule and will be considered only if they can complete the project in accordance with the schedule.

Artist should review and accept the terms of the Boiler Plate Agreement before applying to the Call to Artists. Please refer to the Boiler Plate Agreement:

Application Process and Selection Criteria

The Broward Cultural Division manages the application process. An Artist Selection Panel will review the applications. This Panel includes a member of the Public Art & Design Committee, arts professionals, and an agency and community representative. The Panel will review the applicants and select a shortlist of finalists on the basis of the excellence of their past work of similar scope as demonstrated by the visuals and other submission materials. The Panel will also consider the versatility and appropriateness of the media in which the artist has demonstrated proficiency, as it relates to the scope of this project.

Finalists will be invited to develop conceptual design proposals to present in person to the Artist Selection Panel. Finalists will receive information about the project and have a minimum of one (1) month to prepare a conceptual design proposal for review by the Artist Selection Panel. Finalists will be paid a $1,500.00 honorarium for the proposal and presentation expenses. Finalists’ proposals must include a written narrative, estimated project budget, and visual materials (drawings and optional models) necessary to convey the initial concept or approach to the project. Proposals, including models/maquettes, become property of Broward County and will not be returned. Finalists must submit two (2) digital copies (PC compatible media) of their full presentation five (5) business days prior to the scheduled date of the finalist interviews. The County reserves the right to re-issue this Call to Artists, to reject any and all responses to this Call, and to negotiate with any qualified artist selected for this project.

Application Requirements

Applications must be submitted via the Submittable website:

and must include:

  • Professional Résumé – Include public art commissions with contact information for Project Manager or Program Director and budget size of past projects.
  • Electronic Images – Artist and Professional Visual Artist must submit 10 digital images of most recent relevant work. All images must be saved using a file name and number that corresponds to the Annotated Image List (see below). Each digital image must feature a single work. Composites of various artworks in a single image will not be considered.
  • Annotated Image List – Include name of artist, title of work, year, media, size, and location of artwork, project budget, image number and any other relevant information.

Application Deadline

January 15th, 2017 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).


Contact: Dominique Denis, Public Art & Design Project Manager

Phone: (954) 357-7236

Fax : (954) 357-5769