Culture Crawl

What is the Culture Crawl?
This dynamic online Culture Crawl is one of the many free services offered by Broward County to its residents and visitors. Created on a GIS mapping platform by Broward County GIS this listing of arts venues, which offer a wide variety of cultural arts programming, are all located within Broward County. Sorted by location on an interactive map, the online Culture Crawl provides quick and easy access to the physical address, an image of the venue and the website link.

The full-scale map plots major thoroughfares, making it convenient to navigate to these arts venues! The tour, which is designed for use on smartphones, tablets and computers, is a convenient resource when planning a family event.

How do you use the map?

You can click on a number in a red box to jump to the next venue.

Zoom in to get a closer look or zoom out to see the whole area. Click the plus or minus buttons or zoom with the scroll wheel on your mouse.

On a touchscreen, you can swipe right or left on the thumbnails to quickly move through the list. Otherwise, use your mouse to click the right and left arrows.

Get all the details by clicking the yellow “More Info” link on the image. It will take you to the venue’s website.

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