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Gallery721 is a great example of modern art, as well as the Purvis Young Museum. These venues are a showcase of the modern forms that modern art can take. Most of the works, represented by Gallery721, have been created in the past 50 years, and each piece invokes a sense of nostalgia and history. From black and white drawings reflecting racism and oppression to psychedelic posters celebrating the 1960's and its interesting acculturation. Gallery721 showcases art in all its manifestations, but also a study of history and time periods of many different cultures of the American persona.

The majority of the people, with whom we collect pieces, are not academically or professionally trained artists. Our artists, instead, are self-taught, self-made, self-inspired. Their art expresses their own personal experiences, outlook on life, their environment, overall their individuality. With the exception of Peter Max. Please take time to read about our artists and dive into their histories, their lives, and the beauty behind their pieces.

The Purvis Young Museum<br>
Gallery 721 has one of the most comprehensive Purvis Young collections in the world, dating back from the mid 60's to the present. The epicenter of Gallery 721 is the collection of Purvis Young pieces, the works that line the walls and fill display cases, form what is known as the Purvis Young Museum. Visitors entering the gallery will be taken in by an array of Purvis Young works, including articles and photographs of Young`s earlier years in Overtown, FL. In addition to Purvis Young, Howard Finster, Thorton Dial, Mose Tolliver and Sybil Gibson.

Gallery 721, presents  The Purvis Young Museum, exhibiting five decades of Artwork from this world class Florida Artist