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Seth  Prezant

Wacky Wild Science Adventures are designed to fascinate children with science and nature. Our shows help students better understand the world we live in, respect nature, and become thinkers and explores!  Our science/nature in-house field trip shows reinforce the important skills of observing, comparing, classifying, predicting and drawing conclusions. You children will gain better THINKING SKILLS all while having a blast!

Creepy Crawly Bug Adventure™ – hands on learning using nature’s most abundant creatures – bugs! Children learn about ecosystems, life cycles, observation, exploration and so much more!

Mass Matters™ – little hands learn big things about mass, matter, and physical properties around them. With real life experiments children explore material in different states and see “magic” in action! NEW!

Motion Commotion™ – children learn to recognize that force, motion and energy are all around them. Cool hands-on demonstrations really get kids “moving”!

Classworm Fun™ - children learn how to build and maintain a real worm bin. Children discover the benefits of vermi-composting (nature’s recycling), how organic materials decompose, and the importance of decomposers. The best part…the class keeps the worm bin for ongoing projects!

Funny Bones™ – way cool! Children dissect real owl pellets and discover and identify what the great birds are eating these days. Plus, we see the insides of reptiles, arthropods, and even dinosaurs! NEW!

Discover Germ-ania!™ -  we uncover the unseen! Children learn about germs, see how they spread, and learn how to avoid “catching” the cold. Plus, we track down the “juice thief” using forensic science. NEW!