3401 South Congress Avenue
Boynton Beach , FL 33426

Phone: 561-737-8000  

Fax: 561-369-3067    

Web Address: http://www.wxel.org

Email: info@wxel.org

WXEL 90.7FM, the area's public radio station, signed on the air in 1969 as an educational conduit to the community. 90.7FM is affiliated with NPR, National Public Radio, and in addition to the programming of NPR, airs locally produced programming such as Classical Variations and Florida Forum. WXEL-TV42, the area's public television station, signed on the air in 1982. TV42 is affiliated with PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service. TV42 airs shows serving the educational, cultural and entertainment needs of the community with acclaimed national and local programming.


Barry Telecommunications, Inc. is committed to the use of quality telecommunications, in order to serve the community through excellence in programming, for education and personal development, culture, the arts, and entertainment, community news and information and to ensure the financial support of the community by providing opportunities for lifelong learning, and by collaborating with institutions with similar goals.