PO BOX 268354
Weston , FL 33326

Web Address: http://www.westonphilharmonic.com

Email: info@westonphilharmonic.com

Mona  Bentz, President, Bentz@Westonphilharmonic.com
Raphael  Almendros, VP Public Relations, Almendros@Westonphilharmonic.com

The Weston Philharmonic Society, founded in 1997, is the pre-eminent arts and cultural organization in Weston. The Society is a volunteer group that is dedicated to enriching our community through arts and culture. As part of the commitment to our charitable mission, 100% of all funds raised are used to support efforts to bring music education programs to Weston schools and diverse musical experiences and projects to our members and the community at large. The Weston Philharmonic Society is dedicated to helping enrich our community through music, arts and culture and supports music education programs in our schools.

Two Signature Philharmonic Concert Series in the Cypress Bay Performing Arts Auditorium. Presentation of a major summer music festival featuring an international orchestra. Several Chamber Orchestra concerts at various community locations. Educational programs for students.

Sponsored by The City of Weston, the Arts Council of Greater Weston, Virtuoso Society Donors and regional/local sponsors