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Lily Mazurek, Director

Mandala Workshops was founded in 1996 by Lily Mazurek, M.A. as a way to share her life’s mission--helping others heal by grasping the profound, transformational message of the Mandala.  Mandalas are circular designs signifying wholeness.  Their amazing power goes far beyond the idea of simple drawings or decoration, however.  They have been used in healing ceremonies for centuries by cultures the world over because of their transformative effect on the body, mind, and spirit.  The beautiful circular Mandala designs created in hands-on Workshops too, are by their very nature, therapeutic and healing.  They always work.  How and why this is so is revealed naturally in the enjoyable environment of the Mandala-making process Ms. Mazurek creates for each session. The Mazurek Method developed by Ms. Mazurek teaches energy medicine transmuted and made manifest into physical form through the Mandalas.  By changing the frequency of problems through color and shape, the problem itself shifts and begins to heal.  So far, she is the only one teaching this unique, organic style of Mandala making.  Using a body-based technique, Ms. Mazurek guides participants through several processes including a Power Point presentation, art exercises, meditation, and visualization, leading up to the creation of the Mandala.  It is all part of an ever-unfolding journey with new insights and revelations falling into place continually while the Mandala is being made and until it is completed.  Mandala-making is a powerful transformational tool as testimonials indicate.  Sign up today for an enjoyable workshop that is as full of spirituality and psychology as it is of fun and surprises! We are growing and expanding our locations, so please check the online schedule for dates, times and places!
Note:  The Mandala Workshops have 3 main levels of instruction.  These, plus other coursework, are necessary for Mandala Teacher Certification in the Mazurek Method.  If you have an organization that offers CEUs, we would love to work with you in order to offer CEUs to many of our students and participants.  Please contact us.

Projects: Ongoing; Available for Earth Day celebrations, universities, schools, religious organizations, hospitals, bereavement groups, libraries, and privately.  Appropriate for individual sessions, groups, families, children, the disabled.  Retreats from 1 to 3 days are available; workshops on cruise ships are available.  Please contact us.

The Broward County Arts in Education Program; ArtServe

Art Workshops which focus on wholeness via circular designs known as Mandalas.