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Myrna Meeroff, Executive Director,, 954-803-3762

The mission of the South Florida Chamber Ensemble is to improve the lives of South Florida residents through music.  We are dedicated to serving our community, promoting new works, emerging local composers, and lesser known composers, and to engaging our audience through conversation, music and technology.

6 concert classical series
Educational Initiatives that bring together multiple arts with multiple core subjects and include an interactive component.  Past initiatives include:
·         LUMA (Literacy Using Music and Art) which uses art and music in a literacy program focusing on reading comprehension
·         Music with Common Objects, a cultural program that combines music with environmental responsibility.  Participants learn about what objects can be recycled as they create musical instruments from items commonly found in a recycle bin.
·         Interactive Opera, which comes in several formats from a single scene workshop to a full blown production, brings together all of the arts with culture, history, literature, and foreign language.  Participants can join the opera cast as a singer, dancer, actor, extra or stagehand.  No experience necessary.
Community performances such as our annual Halloween concert and Valentine’s Day Concert and Dinner
Masterclasses and coachings in and outside of school music programs
Collaborations with other organizations that provide services to the community