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2016 Cooperative Marketing Program Flier

The Broward Cultural Division's Cooperative Marketing Program was launched in April 1991 in cooperation with ArtServe to provide Broward-based not-for-profit cultural organizations and artists with reduced advertising rates and a recognizable presence through larger media placements.

 This program was designed to educate on the benefits and procedures of advertising programs, and assist in stretching advertising budgets including design, placement, & planning.

Since its inception more than 90 organizations have received benefits from this program on an annual basis.  Advertising placement is offered as an incentive to eligible organizations and artists that qualify through an application process. Participants must attend an Application Workshop.

 Funding for Organizations

Contributions from non-profit or not-for-profit cultural organizations and artists are matched by Broward County in order for such organizations to purchase advertising. Advertising includes, but is not limited to, placement on the radio, TV, movie theater screens, daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, community and minority publications, internet, specialty publications and social media.

Advertising placement is offered as an incentive to eligible organizations and artists that qualify through an application process. The Broward-based, non-profit or not-for-profit cultural organizations and artists must attend an orientation meeting as well as complete the participation guidelines and eligibility forms. New organizations must submit written proof of non-profit or not-for-profit status including copies of State of Florida articles of incorporation, bylaws, certification of filing with the Secretary of State as well as a list of performances, exhibits or events presented by the organizations for the upcoming season for the period commencing at the beginning of each fiscal year of the COUNTY through the end of such fiscal year.


Artist applicants must be a current Grant Program recipient from Broward Cultural Division. 

Artist may purchase up to $2,000 in advertising through the Cooperative Marketing Program at the one dollar to one dollar match (Artists will contribute $1,000 and Broward Cultural Division will contribute $1,000 towards advertising).

 Contact Info

Ed King
Marketing & Advertising Coordinator
ArtServe, Inc.
1350 East Sunrise Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
Phone: 954-462-8190, ext 208
Fax: 954-462-9182

  Broward Cultural Division
100 South Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
Phone: 954-357-7457
Fax: 954-357-5769