"State of the Arts" Specialty License Plate

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Where do I get one?
You can purchase an "State of the Arts" license plate at your local tag agency.

How much does it cost?
At license plate renewal time, the plate costs $32 over the cost of your regular renewal rate. To purchase any other time, the cost is merely $32.

Where does the money go?
$20 of the $32 the plate costs is tax deductible and gets returned back to Broward County.

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Broward County Ranks First Again In Florida Arts License Plate Sales

In the state of Florida there is a wide variety of specialty license plates to choose from. When you purchase a specialty license plate, you are not only showing your support, but you are also making a financial contribution to your favorite cause. Since 1995 when the Florida ‘State of the Arts’ license plate was first introduced, the arts have received more than $6.6 million dollars. When you purchase your specialty plate in Broward, the funds are returned to the Broward Cultural Division.

Museum of Art - Ft. Lauderdale, Arts Plate Awareness Campaign

Funds collected through the sale of these specialty plates are distributed to the counties where the plates are sold and are used to support arts organizations, programs, and activities within that county.

Artist Stephen Kline, whose exhibitions are displayed worldwide, designed the multi-color Florida ‘State of the Arts’ tag. New plates may be obtained, in person, through the Department of Motor Vehicles tag offices or by requesting them by mail registration. Individuals who lease vehicles may ask their dealer for the plate.

Purchase of this specialty license plate will support Broward County arts, please visit your local auto tag agency.

State of the Arts Florida Specialty License Plate

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Call the Department of Highway Safety Motor Vehicles 1-850-617-2000.

To contact the Specialty License Plate office call 1-850-617-3870.