County Resources

Broward Beautiful                                                             
Environmental Protection Department                                     
Biological Resources Division - 954-519-0326

Broward Beautiful provides matching grants to Homeowner, Condominium and Civic Associations, Local Governments, Schools and other non-profit organizations to fund environmentally friendly Tree Canopy Enhancement,  Landscape, Litter Control, Educational and Ecological Project Events and Programs.  

Broward County County-Wide Community Design Guidebook
Department of Urban Planning and Redevelopment Planning Services Division - 954-357-6602

To further the “Sense of Place” goal, the Department of Urban Planning and Redevelopment prepared a Community Design Guidebook, with local architect Anthony Abbate. The Guidebook will be utilized as the County redevelops to accommodate the anticipated future population and will address: creation of a more pedestrian/transit friendly environment; making Broward County one of the nation’s most visually attractive counties; providing for a mix of uses and housing types, and enhancing redevelopment and economic opportunity. Municipal demonstration projects to implement the guidelines are also a part of the program.

Design Arts Grant Program Community Services Department                                                
Broward Cultural Division - 954-357-7502

The Design Arts Grant Program assists partnerships of governmental entities and/or a not-for-profit organization or organizations (neighborhood association, historical organization, garden clubs, civic organizations, etc.) to work in concert in improving or upgrading the aesthetics of the physical environment in Broward County.

Historical Preservation Challenge Grant Program    
Broward County Historical Commission - 954-765-4670

The purpose of this program is to provide financial support for the preservation and rehabilitation of historical and archaeological sites of local, state or national significance within Broward County. Final award of all grants will be made by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners upon the review and recommendation of the Historical Commission.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Projects (LEED)
Public Works and Transportation Department
Construction Management Division - 954-357-7762
Energy and Building Automation - 954-357-6506

The LEED™ Green Building Rating System is a comprehensive, voluntary design and assessment tool that helps architecture, engineering and construction professionals improve building efficiency, and measure the sustainability of their projects.

LEED projects, in addition to helping sustain the natural environment, are eligible for recognition by certification through the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). Broward County currently has several projects under development which will be LEED-Certified upon completion.

Naturescape Certification
Environmental Protection Department                                            
Water Resources Division - 954-519-0317                                           

The Naturescape Broward Program seeks to promote environmental stewardship through the creation of Florida-friendly landscapes that conserve water, protect water quality and create wildlife habitat.  This is accomplished by certifying Naturescape sanctuaries throughout Broward County. Every home, school and business is invited to become a certified Naturescape.  As these areas populate the map, we see greenways forming which help support our native and migratory wildlife populations.

Public Art and Design Partnership Program         

Public Art & Design Program        
Broward Cultural Division - 954-357-7457         

The Broward Cultural Division Public Art & Design Program allows for art acquisition in county facilities. The program also has a provision for public-private partnerships. Pooled funds may be used as seed money for artists’ fees to initiate partnerships with private and other public entities to provide public art and aesthetic enhancements in Broward County.

Redevelopment Capital Program (RCP)               
Department of Urban Planning and Redevelopment             
Planning Services Division - 954-357-6674 

The Redevelopment Capital Program (RCP) is a funding mechanism for Broward County’s participation in municipal and unincorporated area redevelopment activities.  The County will examine the proposed redevelopment project or activity to determine the extent to which it achieves the County’s funding criteria.  Applicants for funding through the RCP may be a municipality, a Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), or the County.