Steve Nivin, Ph.D.
Broward County 2020 Cultural Plan  


Steve Nivin, Ph.D.

Steve Nivin, Ph.D. is President and Chief Economist of Economic Diagnostics – an economic consulting firm providing analytical and strategic planning services to facilitate the development of regional economies. A major practice area for the firm is the development of the creative industry within regional economies. Dr. Nivin also serves as Chief Economist for the City of San Antonio; a position he has held for the past six years. In this position, he directs the economic research services provided by the department, as well as the economic development strategic planning efforts.

Dr. Nivin brings over ten years of experience and expertise in managing and conducting regional economic analyses, economic modeling and forecasting, and economic development strategic planning. Dr. Nivin is also an Adjunct Professor of Economics at St. Mary’s University, where he teaches urban economics, cost-benefit analysis, corporate economics, public policy evaluation, microeconomics, and macroeconomics. In addition to his teaching duties, he conducts research on issues related to regional economic development and serves on the St. Mary’s Neighborhood Revitalization Task Force.

Dr. Nivin received his Ph.D. and M.A. in Political Economy from the University of Texas at Dallas and his B.A. in Economics from Austin College.

Project List

  • The Cultural Collaborative: A Plan for San Antonio's Creative Economy:
    Crafted the economic development strategies within the plan and actively involved in the plan’s implementation.
  • The Economic Impact of San Antonio’s Creative Industry:
    2003 Key member of the oversight committee.
  • The Economic Impact of San Antonio’s Creative Industry:
    2005 Update of the 2003 study. This study was conducted by Dr. Nivin.
  • The Economic Impact of San Antonio’s Creative Industry:
    2006 This study is still in progress and will go beyond just updating the previous studies. The previous studies analyzed the impact from an industry study, but the 2006 study will analyze the impact from a creative occupation perspective. This study will also capture the impact of individual artists.
  • A Comparison of Santa Monica’s Creative Industry to the Top 20 Creative Cities
    This study was an integral component in the City of Santa Monica’s strategic plan for the development of arts and culture: Creative Capital: A Plan for the Development of Santa Monica’s Arts and Culture.
  • A Market Analysis of the Westside Development Corporation Area
    This study analyzed the economic, demographic, and social condition of one of the most depressed areas of San Antonio. Recommendations for the development of the area were provided with a focus on culture-based economic development.
  • San Antonio Arts Education Task Force
    Provided input to the Task Force on the relationship between arts education and economic development in San Antonio.