Proposed Legislative Language
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Proposed Legislative Language

The following changes are proposed to current ordinances for the Public Art and Design Program and the Tourism Development Tax Code. Note that both proposed changes are additions to current language.

Revisions to the Tourism Development Tax Code

Add the following new sections to the code:

Section 31½-18 Tourism Investment and Development Funds

There is hereby levied and imposed an additional one percent (1%) on the Tourism Development for the purpose of establishing a Tourism Investment Fund and A Tourism Development Fund.  Sixty percent (60%) of the new Tourism Development Fund revenues shall be devoted to a newly established Tourism Investment Fund for the purposes of cultural tourism, including but not limited to festivals, artistic product development, community celebrations, arts marketing and cultural facilities maintenance.  Forty percent (40%) of the revenues shall be devoted to a newly established Tourism Investment Fund for support of a variety of new initiatives, including but not limited to trade shows, conventions, major exhibitions and other one-time events.  These funds shall be managed by the Tourism Development Council which shall make recommendations for expenditures to the Board of Commissioners.

Section 31½-19 Research and Measurement

A portion of the funds derived from the one percent increase in the Tourism Development Tax shall be used for enhancing research and measurement of the effectiveness of the initiatives supported by the Tourism Development Fund and the Tourism Development Fund.  This should include measuring tourism impacts and assessing the effectiveness of programs should be developed which takes into account the full range of visitor spending, most of which is not reflected in a lodging-based model. Dining, recreation, entertainment, visits to attractions, retail shopping, arts and cultural experiences, and all other economic activity by overnight and day-trip tourists should be included in the model.

Section 31½-20 Cultural Representation on the Tourism Development Council

A representative of the cultural sector shall be appointed to the Tourism Development Council.  This representative shall have all of the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of other members of the Council.

Revisions to the Public Art and Design Code
Section 1-88

Add new paragraph to (b)(1):

From the date of adoption of this revision and for two years thereafter, newly appropriated public art projects shall be limited to “functionally integrated” public art projects.  For the purposes of this section, “functionally integrated” shall mean projects that:  (i) develop and create an awareness of the unique aspects of a place’s built and natural environments; (ii) stimulate cultural tourism, community pride, and shared positive identity with such structures as gateways, landmarks, memorials, and way-finding devices; (iii) are fully integrated into the site (i.e., not portable) and address a broad range of functional objectives supporting the mission of Broward County agencies; and (iv) are artist-designed elements that enhance standard necessities in County construction projects such as but not limited to, walkways, floors, ceilings, plazas, seating, gates, canopies, and lighting.  At the completion of the specified two year period, this provision shall expire, unless extended by the Board of County Commissioners.