2005 Marketing

2005 Annual Report


Marketing Section

The Marketing Section
of the Broward Cultural Division provides advertising and public relations services for the division and supports the 550 not-for-profit, cultural organizations in Broward County. 

To this end, marketing spearheads a number of programs that reach out to this community. Every year, the marketing section facilitates its flagship program, the Cooperative Marketing Program—a significant factor in cultural organization support. It consists of an Orientation Session and Media Trade Fair. Workshops are held over the year, to assist cultural organizations to focus their marketing, public relations, technological and budgeting efforts. In fiscal year 2005 the workshops were Know and Grow Your Audience: Market Research Basics, featuring accomplished market researcher and strategist Julie Peeler in January; and Wired for Culture: How E-mail is Revolutionizing Arts Marketing, with Eugene Carr, president of Patron Technology in November.

Another successful venture supported by this section is the Cultural Executives Committee—a sub-committee of the Broward Cultural Council—that manifests through meetings designed to keep the directors of the not-for-profits arts institutions informed about the important issues and opportunities. The meetings are used as a tool to bring successful and entrepreneurial programs and staff of the arts community together, to share, inspire and network with other cultural executives. In this year’s meetings topics included: The Changing Demographics of Broward; Corporate, Family Foundations and Business Sponsorships; and Collaborations/Partnerships.

The marketing steam also manages the Cultural Information Center (CIC), a one-stop shop for cultural products, located on the first floor of the Broward County Main Library, and is available to residents and visitors of Broward County. Manager Hannah Wilner recruits and motivates 35 Cultural Concierges through 3000 hours of yearly volunteer service. Cultural Concierges are the cornerstone of this cultural service, they sell tickets and offers advice on cultural outings and the latest exhibits, theater and musical agendas.  

Each December the CIC offers unique gift combinations from the various cultural organizations’ items featured in the shop. The proceeds are returned to cultural organizations. Gift items such as calendars, umbrellas, books, clothing, posters, CD’s and free gift wrapping services, were offered in a promotional Think Pink for the Holidays promotion.

The Division received a Silver Addy Award in April 2005 from the Advertising Federation of Fort Lauderdale for a series of bookmarks featuring the work of public artist Lisa Houck and her artworks, located at Beach Branch Library, Century Plaza Branch Library; Galt Ocean Mile Reading Center and the Hollywood Beach Reading Center. The Addy® Awards are often referred to as the Grammy’s of the South Florida advertising industry. They honor excellence in advertising and cultivate the highest creative standards.

The Division Publication, Cultural Quarterly won a National Association of County Information Officers (NACIO) award. The public relations arm of this section continued to provide public information through more than 100 press releases, articles, news items, internet news services, radio spots, arts hotline and newsletter copy about the countless activities in the arts and cultural world of Broward County.